Monday, 22 June 2009

Scene 8

Scene 8: Cardinal Richelieu’s quarters

Widimir is pacing outside Richelieu’s quarters wondering why the Cardinal has called for him. Rochefort wanders up and knocks on the door much to Widimir’s annoyance.

Widimir: (tapping his foot) Excuse me, Monsieur, but there is a queue you know!

(Rochefort looks Widimir up and down with disdain)

Rochefort: Ah, so you’re the famous Captain Widimir, are you?

Widimir: (surprised) You know of me, Monsieur?

Rochefort: But of course, your deeds are known throughout France

Richelieu: (from inside his quarters) Enter!

Rochefort: (opening the door and entering) for their stupidity!

(Rochefort closes the door on Widimir fuming)

Rochefort: (bowing) I am your obedient servant, Eminence

Richelieu: And that is the reason why I have called for you, my dear Count. I presume that you have met Captain Widimir?

Rochefort: I have indeed, Eminence

Richelieu: What I want you to do is accept a challenge.

Rochefort: A challenge?

Richelieu: Yes, allow me to explain. Could you let Widimir in?

(Rochefort opens the door and Widimir falls in as he has been listening at the door)

Widimir: (getting up and trying to make the best of a bad situation) Eminence, I…

Richelieu: (ignoring him) Captain Widimir, I would like you to meet Count Rochefort (pause) your replacement! (Turning to Rochefort) Can I count on you to capture the person known as the Doctor?

(Rochefort bows and exits whilst Widimir flips his lid)

Widimir: (almost on the verge of shouting) Replacement? But, Eminence, I…

Richelieu: There’s the door, Widimir, I expect to see you behind it and never to see you again!

Widimir: (resigned) Yes, Eminence! (And he trudges sadly through the door and then pops his head round the door) But what will become of my guards?

(Richelieu stares at Widimir intently who darts behind the door)

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