Monday, 22 June 2009

Scene 7

Scene 7: The Infirmary

Paul is sitting up in bed as Treville enters. There is a bandage across his chest.

Treville: (going to sit at the end of Paul’s bed) And how are we feeling, Monsieur?

Paul: Not that bad, actually, for someone who has been shot. (He looks around) Er, isn’t the Doctor with you?

Treville: The Musketeers have taken him sightseeing!

Paul: Sightseeing? The Doctor? That is just typical of him! He gets all worked up about something and completely forgets that there is someone who needs his help. (He sighs and then winces)

Treville: The doctors have told me that you should recover in a few days, which brings me to the reason why I came to see you. I understand that you have an interest in the Musketeers.

Paul: I should say! (He leans over to Treville and whispers) Did you know that Porthos collapses a cave on him to prevent the Cardinal’s Guards from taking control of a regional centre?

(Treville looks at Paul in amazement)

Treville: When did he do that?

Paul: (thinks) I can’t rightly remember, myself, just don’t tell the Doctor I told you!

Treville: (perplexed) Yes, well I had a word with His Majesty this afternoon and told him about your little accident and that it saved the life of Athos, and he has agreed to my little idea.

Paul: (puzzled) Idea?

Treville: (stands at the end of the bed and pulls a scroll from his pockets which he reads) I, Captain Treville, Captain of His Majesty’s Musketeers (that’s me by the way) am hereby commanded by His Majesty King Louis XIII (that’s the King) to make Monsieur Paul Rocks (that’s you) an honorary Musketeer in recognition of the act of saving the life of Musketeer Athos.

(Paul looks at Treville in silence)

Paul: (unable to comprehend) Me? A Musketeer? You mean like Athos, Aramis and Porthos?

(Treville nods)

Paul: Oh, man! I don’t believe it! (He swells with pride and then winces and coughs)

Treville: (patting him gently on the back) Let’s get you well first, all right?

Paul: It’s a deal!

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