Monday, 22 June 2009

Scene 17

Scene 17: Where to next?

(Paul enters the console room back in the clothes that he was wearing at the beginning)

Paul: Imagine it, Doctor, me a Musketeer! (And poses heroically)

Doctor: (laughing) Yes, I’ll have to remind Alexandre to leave you out though. An MP3 player in the 17th century I think we can allow but a 25th century Musketeer might be a bit more difficult to explain. So I take it that you enjoyed your little stint as a member of His Majesty’s guard?

Paul: You bet I did, and I think I now know what you meant

Doctor: (puzzled) Sorry?

Paul: About Porthos and that cave. He didn’t see it as committing suicide; he saw it as the only way of defending France from its enemies.

Doctor: (patting Paul on the back) Well done, Paul! I knew that you’d figure it out. So what do you fancy next? How about arm wrestling Hercules in Ancient Greece? Or what about winning the gold for the British tug of war team at the 1904 Olympics? Or might I even suggest…

(The Doctor’s suggestion is interrupted by a bleeping sound. He looks at the console in horror and opens the scanner to reveal a black hole)

Doctor: (grabbing hold of the console) grabbing hold of something for dear life and hope that we make it through to the other side in one piece

(As the TARDIS falls into the black hole we follow it down and the credits roll. When they finish there is an explosion, which reveals the words “To be continued?”)

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