Monday, 22 June 2009

Scene 4

Scene 4: Cardinal Richelieu’s quarters

(Cardinal Richelieu is sitting behind a desk on a throne like chair, growling quietly to himself. Widimir is prostrating himself in front of him trying to avoid eye contact. Eventually Richelieu can no longer control himself and he stands up and looks at Widimir with a stern face)

Richelieu: (bawling) How DARE you appear before me having made such a spectacle of yourself? You have brought disgrace upon my guards! And you’re the commanding officer! Do you have anything to say?

Widimir: (whimpering) Eminence, I beg forgiveness! It won’t happen again! (And he starts to crawl towards the Cardinal’s desk)

Richelieu: (under his breath) Hell is full of such unkempt promises. (Aloud) I shall avenge this affront myself, now be off with you!

Widimir: (poking above the rim of the Cardinal’s desk) But your Eminence, the Musketeers had help. Two strangers in a blue box, a box that wasn’t there when we arrived!

Richelieu: (fuming to point of exploding) Widimir! (And then he suddenly calms downs) A blue box you say?

(Widimir nods)

Richelieu: (pondering) Thank you, Captain. That was a most interesting report. You can go now!

(Widimir reverses out of the Cardinal’s quarters bowing at every chance. As he leaves the Cardinal stands up and makes his way to a nearby window and looks out across Paris)

Richelieu: So, you thought that you would check on me, eh, Doctor? Well, let me tell you, you have walked right into my trap. They don’t call me the Master for nothing you know!

(With that, Richelieu starts to laugh the trademark Master laugh)

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