Monday, 22 June 2009

Scene 12

Scene 12: Treville’s quarters

Treville is busy working through a pile of paperwork

Treville: Who would think that 700 people would generate so much paper?

(There is a knock at the door)

Treville: Entrez!

(There is another knock at the door)

Treville: (starting to get annoyed) Entrez!

(There is yet another knock at the door)

Treville: (getting up and shouting) If that’s you D’Artagnan, I’ll dock you a week’s wages!

(Treville opens the door and is greeted by a pile of paperwork which moves forward and gets dumped on his desk revealing the Doctor who mops his brow)

Doctor: Phew! I don’t know how on Gallifrey one simple request can generate a ton of paper!

Treville: (looking at concern with the paperwork that has landed on his desk) I presume that this paperwork is of some importance?

Doctor: It is indeed! (He starts unrolling a map) especially as I believe that the Cardinal isn’t the Cardinal at all!

Treville: (shocked) The Cardinal…

Doctor: isn’t the Cardinal, that’s right! Do you remember what happened when the Cardinal was appointed Prime Minister?

Treville: Well, there was nothing special about the day, just the usual storm that you get in September.

Doctor: Storm?

Treville: Yes, we often get them in September. I remember that it thundered for ages and ages and there was a point where we wondered if we should cancel it due to the weather. The only strange thing is, it never rained, just thundered!

Doctor: (pondering) Mmm, it’s just as I feared. I… (And he looks up)

Treville: (still looking at the mass of paperwork) Yes, Doctor, you were saying?

Doctor: Er, Captain, what’s he doing here? (And points in front of him)

Treville: Who? (He follows the Doctor’s finger and looks up) Captain Widimir!

Widimir: (aiming a gun at Treville) You must die! (And he fires the gun)

Doctor: (pushing Treville to the ground) Get down!

(The Doctor pushes Treville to the ground as the bullet passes his shoulder. It shatters the window behind them. The Doctor and Treville turn round just in time to see Rochefort clutching his chest and then falling to the ground from a ladder. The Doctor and Treville open the window and peer down to the ground where several Musketeers have gathered)

Doctor: (turning to Treville) He must have been spying on us!

Widimir: Indeed he was!

(The Doctor and Treville turn to face Widimir who places the gun on the desk and then calmly sits down on the floor and prostrates himself in front of the desk)

Widimir: (crying) I want to work for you, I’ll work for anyone, and I’ll work for peanuts! (And starts bawling)

(The Doctor looks at Treville, who looks at Widimir who then looks back at the Doctor)

Treville: (and the Doctor together) Triste!

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