Monday, 22 June 2009

Scene 15

Scene 15: Cardinal Richelieu’s quarters

(The Cardinal is sitting behind his desk with the back of his chair to the door. There is a knock)

Cardinal: Entrez

(Captain Widimir enters with the Doctor bound and gagged)

Widimir: Your Eminence, I bring you a gift! (And closes the door behind him)

Cardinal: Widimir, I thought that I told you to jump in the Seine.

(The chair turns around slowly to reveal the Cardinal. He stops in amazement at the Doctor bound and gagged. He gets up slowly and walks to the Doctor)

Cardinal: Well, well, Widimir. You’ve done something right for a change. (He ungags the Doctor) Anything to say, Doctor?

Doctor: (coughs) Well thank you for a start. That gag was starting to get quite uncomfortable.

Cardinal: Spare me the histrionics Doctor. You are no doubt wondering why I am interested in you.

Doctor: Well, the question had crossed my mind. But I think I have a suspicion.

Cardinal: And that would be?

Doctor: Well, I have this idea that you’re not really the Cardinal at all. Just call it a stab in the dark, but I think you’re really the Master!

(The Cardinal laughs the trademark Master laugh as he glows. There is a burst of light and the Master stands where the Cardinal stood)

Master: Ah, my dear Doctor, you figured it out then?

Doctor: Well, it took a little longer than normal I have to admit. I mean after that Mr. Saxon act on 21st century Earth I figured that you’d want another stab at holding the reins of power..

Master: Indeed I did, Doctor, but you forget I am a Time Lord too.

Doctor: Indeed, but I burnt you. I lit the funeral pyre myself unless (gasps).

Master: Indeed Doctor, I was regenerated again and free to wend my merry way through time and space!

Widimir: (draws his sword) Where is the Cardinal?

Master: Patience, my dear Widimir. The Doctor and I have some unfinished business to attend to.

Doctor: The only unfinished business with you I have, Master, is your rightful imprisonment in Shada.

Master: Hah! And you intend to arrest me on all your own.

Widimir: (advancing) I will help him!

Master: (laughing) Two people to arrest a Time Lord! Is that the best you can manage Doctor? You’d need an army to arrest me!

Doctor: Funny you should say that. Paul, would you come in here please?

(The doors burst open and Paul stands in the middle with his sword drawn)

Paul: Give yourself up, Master!

Master: (acting scared) Oh, a 25th century Musketeer. Like I’m so scared.

Paul: Then allow me to make the setting more accurate for you. (He raises his sword) ONE FOR ALL!

(Musketeers: AND ALL FOR ONE!)

(The entire chamber is flooded with Musketeers who surround the Master with Paul at the lead. The Master hides behind the Cardinal’s desk whilst Widimir unties the Doctor who stands next to Paul, his foot tapping)

Doctor: And before we forget, there is someone else here who would like a few words with you.

(The Doctor and Paul sidestep to reveal the real Cardinal Richlieu)

Cardinal: You shall pay for imprisoning me, impostor! By the Grace of God, When I'm done with you, Hell will seem like a hunting lodge!

Doctor: (stands in front of the Master’s desk) I, being the last of the Time Lords (The Master scoffs), Keeper of the Legacy of Rassilon, Defender of the Laws of Time and Protector of the Legacy of Gallifrey do hereby arrest you on charges of interfering with Earth history and impersonating a historical figure. Do you have anything to say in your defence?

Master: Curse you Doctor. (He ducks behind the desk, which dematerialises)

Paul: He’s got a TARDIS!

Doctor: (meaningful) Yes, I suppose it should be expected, but I’m more concerned about where he got one.

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