Monday, 22 June 2009

Scene 16

Scene 16: One for all and all for one

(The throne room of the King and Queen of France is lavishly decorated as if for a ball. The King and Queen enter hand in hand and make their way down a red carpet pausing for a moment as they pass the TARDIS. The arrive at their thrones and the King allows the Queen to sit down first, he then sits down and nods at a doorman)

Guard: (shouting) The Captain of His Majesty’s Musketeers!

(The doors open and Treville enters the throne room bowing to their Majesties at the doors, by the TARDIS and at the foot of their thrones)

Treville: Your most Gracious Majesties, may I present to you your Musketeers?

King: You may Treville!

Treville: (bowing and turning around) Your Musketeers, Your Majesty

(The doors open and as each Musketeer enters and bows, the guard calls their names)

Guard: Monsieur Aramis, Monsieur Athos, Monsieur D’Artagnan, Monsieur Porthos, Monsieur Rocks and Le Docteur! (As the Doctor passes he tries to whisper in the guard’s ear but Paul pulls him away)

Doctor: What? I was only to correct his pronunciation of my title that’s all!

(Paul growls as he and the Doctor follow the Musketeers and line up by them)

Treville: Musketeers, Respect Their Majesties!

(The Musketeers, Paul and the Doctor bow)

King: (getting up from his throne) Gentlemen (the Musketeers, Paul and Doctor stop bowing) you have proved once again that you are able to defend this nation and our majesties with perfection, as we would expect. Captain Treville, do you believe that these gentlemen deserve these honours that I am to bestow upon them?

Treville: I cannot think of a more suitable group of people, your Majesty!

King: (standing next to Aramis) Musketeers, Kneel before your Majesty

(The Musketeers and Paul all kneel as a servant who follows him hands the King a sword)

King: Arise Lord Aramis of Baretous, Arise Lord Athos of Berry, Arise Lord D’Artagnan of Tarbes, Arise Lord Porthos of Pau, Arise Lord Rocks of (to servant) where is he going to be lord of?

Doctor (coughs politely) Might I recommend to your Majesty the title “of TARDIS”?


(The Doctor smiles and points to the TARDIS)

Doctor: His lordship’s manor!

King: Arise Lord Rocks of TARDIS and for you Doctor…

Doctor: (bowing) Your Majesty is too kind but I am not the sort of person who likes titles.

King: I am making you a present of these parchments from the Royal Library (another servant places a series of scrolls into the Doctor’s arm. He unrolls one and has a look)

Doctor: Well, well, well. Old Mylo did carry that bull then? “Weak as a baby” my foot!

King: And now let the festivities begin!

Treville: Doctor? Your score?

Doctor: (realising) Oh my goodness. Thanks for reminding me. (He runs to the TARDIS and brings out a long cable that he attaches to a nearby harpsichord. He goes back to the TARDIS checking the cable on the way, pops in and then out again) Your Majesties (bowing) It is which great pleasure that I am able to present a premiere of a new work that I have composed for this occasion to celebrate the introduction of a new member to His Majesty’s Musketeers. (He sits down at the harpsichord and counts) And a 1 and a 2, and a 1, 2, 3! (He then plays a piece of music which the Musketeers sing along to, every time he gets to the chorus, he pushes a big red button on the harpsichord and the TARDIS’s light starts to flash, when the chorus ends he presses it again and the light stops flashing. He finishes the tune with a flourish and bows)

King: (applauding) Encore, Docteur, Encore!

(The Doctor smiles and gives the King an MP3 player)

Doctor: With my compliments, your Majesty (as the King looks as it quizzically) you’ll find the instructions on this sheet of paper (and hands the King a sheet of paper). Come along Paul, it’s time we were going (and starts to wind up the cable)

Paul: (hugging the Musketeers) I’ll miss you all especially you Porthos.

Porthos: As will we Monsieur.

Paul: (heading to the TARDIS) Captain Treville, may I?

Treville: Your Majesty, May it be permitted for our latest recruit to salute his friends?

(The King nods, as does Treville, as Paul stands on the threshold of the TARDIS, the Doctor just behind him)

Paul: (raising his sword) ONE FOR ALL…

Musketeers: (also raising their swords) AND ALL FOR ONE!

(Paul smiles and enters the TARDIS, the Doctor bows and closes the door and soon afterwards the TARDIS dematerialises much to the amazement of the court but clearly impresses the King who gestures for Treville)

King: Do you know where I can get one of those huts, Treville? I’ve been looking for a way to impress King Charles of England!

(Treville looks at the King in puzzlement)

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