Monday, 22 June 2009

Scene 11

Scene 11: TARDIS console room

The Doctor enters the console room from the interior of the TARDIS. He presses a few buttons and a screen appears on the console. It flashes up “TARDIS HISTORY DATABASE” and then changes to “Please enter year”.

Doctor: We’re in 1625 so that’s a good place to start. (He enters 1625 on the keypad)

(The screen flashes “Searching”)

Doctor: Goodness, you’re slow today aren’t you? Perhaps I need to give you a tweak, eh old girl?

(There is a knocking sound)

Doctor: I was right, just listen to those engines (then he realises that the console is stationary) Hang on, that’s not the engines. (He flips a switch and the viewing screen switches on as the knocking happens again)

(The viewing screen reveals Treville knocking on the TARDIS)

Doctor: (singing as he operates the doors) Knock three times on the TARDIS if you want me… (And exits)

(Outside, Treville is knocking on the TARDIS and wondering what people will think when the doors open and the Doctor pops out still singing)

Doctor: …twice on the hat (taps Treville’s hat twice) means that you’re no longer there!

Treville: Yes, I am Doctor!

Doctor: I do apologise Captain, a song I heard once and I’ve been unable to get it out of my head. How can I help you?

Treville: There’s someone here to see you, Doctor!

Doctor: (intrigued) Oh? And who’s that, then?

(Treville side steps and reveals Paul, who waves)

Doctor: Paul! How are you?

Paul: (annoyed) Now what sort of a question is that, Doctor?

Doctor: Sorry, force of habit! (Turning to Treville) So what’s the prognosis then, Captain?

Treville: Very good, Doctor. Our doctors would love to know what you did to your companion, but what ever it was it’s saved his life. He’s well on the road to recovery!

Doctor: (blushing) Oh, really, it was nothing!

Paul: Tell him, Captain, go on!

Treville: He’s also going to be an honorary Musketeer as well!

Doctor: (impressed) An honorary Musketeer, eh? Who’s been a busy little assistant then?

(Paul giggles)

Doctor: I presume that the King had something to do with this?

Treville: Indeed he did. He said it was to be a reward for saving Athos.

Doctor: Would you mind if I thanked His Majesty later?

Treville: I can’t see any reason why not. (A church bell chimes the hour) Now, if you will excuse us, young Paul here has a lesson in swordplay to attend.

Doctor: Of course! (Remembers) Oh, before you go Captain, can I ask when Richelieu was appointed Prime Minister?

Treville: Last September if I remember, correctly. (Ponders) But why on earth do you want to know that?

Doctor: Just checking (and he pops back into the TARDIS)

Treville: Paul, how long have you known the Doctor?

Paul: (thinks) Oh, seventeen hundred years or so.

(Treville looks at Paul in sheer disbelief, shakes his head)

Paul: Come on, Paul, otherwise we’ll be late. (And he leads Paul towards Musketeer Headquarters shaking his head)

(Back inside the TARDIS, the Doctor closes the doors)

Doctor: Right then, let’s see if you’re feeling any better. (He types in as he speaks) September 1st 1624 and cross-reference with election.

(The screen flashes “Searching…” very slowly indeed)

Doctor: Oh, come on, old girl! (And he kicks the console)

(The central column lights up and the flashing speeds up)

Doctor: That’s better!

(The display stops and the viewing screen is activated showing the Cardinal. The Doctor looks at it and gasps. He types in as he speaks)

Doctor: Oh, by Rassilon. I’m hope I’m wrong!

(The picture splits into two and is replaced on the right by a picture of the Master).

Doctor: The Master!

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