Monday, 22 June 2009

Scene 10

Scene 10: Cardinal Richelieu’s Quarters

Widimir is in the Cardinal’s quarters but is standing there quietly with the Cardinal looking at him intently)

Richelieu: You are the lowest of the low, Widimir! You are a complete and utter imbecile! What are you?

Widimir: (in a monotone) I am the lowest of the low and a complete and utter imbecile!

(Richelieu leans back and Widimir shakes his head)

Widimir: (on the verge of breaking down) I do not deserve such treatment, Eminence! I am your slave!

Richelieu: (under his breath) Slave? You? (And then starts to laugh) Get out of my sight, Widimir, lock yourself in your house and I never want to see you again!

(Widimir admits defeats, bows and leave the chambers)

Richelieu: (shouting as Rochefort opens the doors) I’m surrounded by imbeciles!

(The words echo through the room as Rochefort coughs politely)

Richelieu: (quickly changing tack) I don’t mean you, of course!

Rochefort: (approaching the Cardinal) I feel that you should Eminence. My plan to capture the Doctor failed.

Richelieu: Yes, I have heard the sorry tale now. But I shouldn’t worry, my dear Count, I’ve another plan up my sleeve.

Rochefort: Oh?

Richelieu: I want you to go to Musketeer Headquarters and find out (and starts whispering)

(Outside the door, Widimir is listening intently. He opens his eyes in amazement at what is being discussed and slowly backs away from the door, walks slowly down the corridor before breaking into a sprint, which develops into a run as he dashes out of the Cardinal’s building. He mounts a horse and rides off)

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