Monday, 22 June 2009

Scene 1 (and Prologue)

(The Doctor is sitting next to the console looking plaintive)

Doctor: (sighs) You know old girl, we've had some times together haven't we? How many times I have changed the desktop theme now? Seven times? Well, eight if you count the secondary control room I suppose. And yet through it all you've come up trumps haven't you? (The Doctor gets up and gives the console a pat of appreciation). Still, my time has come. Twelve regenerations down and just this last life to live eh?

(Something on the console starts to flash).

Doctor: Hello, what's this? (He presses a button and a video plays).

Video: This is the message of Rassilion that I command to be installed into every TARDIS manufactured and only to be played when the last of our race has regenerated for the last time. Congratulations on being the last Timelord alive. You hold the future of our once great race. I therefore command you to record your history into this TARDIS, then once you have done, pilot it to Earth and ensure that a new Timelord race is able to rise up. I, Rassilion command it!

Doctor: (as the video fades). Goodness (thinks) Earth become a new Gallifrey? Well, I'll try certainly. The question is trying to find the right person and the right time frame as well. Still, the first bit I can do quite easily. Now, when should I start? (He picks up something that looks like a pair of headphones and puts them on). Start Memory Backup. (The headphones glow). Ah, yes, my last regeneration's first companion. Paul Rocks from the Dumbell Nebula. If I remember correctly, he was quite the bookend which was odd considering that the planet he came from had a much lower gravity than Earth's and so made him about a tenth stronger than normal humans. If I recall, I was doing some maintenance work on the console when he raised the issue of a book I had given him

(fade into scene 2)

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