Monday, 22 June 2009

Scene 13

Scene 13: Treville’s quarters

(The Doctor is circling Widimir who is being guarded by Treville)

Doctor: So, let’s see if I understand this correctly Widimir. You are trying to convince us that the Cardinal has sacked you.

Widimir: Oui, Monsieur

Doctor: and had replaced you with the Count Rochefort, who you shot a few moments ago

Widimir: Oui, Monsieur

Doctor: and has since last September been acting almost like another person?

Widimir: Oui, Monsieur

Doctor: (stops pacing) Mmm. (turns to Treville) He’s either a very good liar or he’s telling the truth.

Treville: How do we know which it is?

Doctor: (smiling) I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to do this old trick for ages! I wonder if I can remember how?

(The Doctor takes a pair of glasses out and puts them on. He sits down cross legged on the floor and looks directly at Widimir)

Doctor: (insistently) You are Captain Widimir of the Cardinal’s Guards. I am the Doctor. You will answer me instantly and truthfully. Has everything you said since you entered this office been the truth?

Widimir: (blankly) Yes, Doctor

Doctor: Good, I was hoping you’d say that.

(He jumps up and puts the glasses back in his pocket)

Doctor: Well, you heard him, Treville. He was telling the truth.

(As Widimir comes round, Treville sits down behind his desk)

Treville: But this makes no sense at all, Doctor. Why would the Cardinal suddenly change tack?

Widimir: (suddenly) I remember!

(The Doctor and Treville are startled)

Doctor: Remember what?

Widimir: The day after the Cardinal was ordained as Prime Minister, he asked me to attend his office. When I got there I saw a man dressed in black with a flowing cloak. He looked at me sternly for several minutes and then gave me my orders for the day.

Doctor: And did you see that man ever again?

Widimir: No, every time I went into the Cardinal’s office, I saw Cardinal Richelieu.

Doctor: (shouts) Bingo! (Shakes Widimir by the hand) Captain, you have just solved a mystery that has been bugging me for the last decade relative time.

Widimir: (confused) I have?

Doctor: (ignoring Widimir) Treville, do you have a detachment of Musketeers on immediate standby?

Treville: Well, there’s Athos, Aramis and Porthos and I suppose I could find a few more.

Doctor: Marvellous (turns to Widimir) How do you fancy getting your old job back?

(Widimir nods)

Doctor: All we need now is someone who he’s never seen before. (Smiles) Someone like Paul!

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